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All detailed study and books on Barrie Schwortz's site will give any student, scholar or examiner all the academic details by many professionals. My role here is only to inform my readers of the shroud's existence.

Personally, after much study, I hold that this shroud is the burial cloth of the Lord Jesus Christ. He left the shroud and head/face cloth (Sudarium) behind for his disciples to find and safely keep throughout history. The church and world can observe the shroud burial linen cloth and sudarium head cloth as a picture of his body: scourging strips, head wounds by crown of thorns, wrists and ankles nail wounds, side pericing, blood shed crucifixion and sign of his resurrection. Matthew 27:59; Mark 15:46; Luke 24:12; John 19:40; 20:2-7

This is a powerful testimony of the Son of God as the Lamb of God slain as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. Isa 53:7;John 1:29,36; 3:16; Rev 5:6,12; Rev 13:8; Matt 26:28; Heb 9: 14,22; Rev 1:5.

The blood spots left on both cloths have been studied by scientists with amazing discovery. This will be explained on this page with the shroud two-thousand-year history.