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Church Creeds

Church Creeds

Church Creeds is another way of declaring Church Doctrine Statement or Statement of Faith which is the same thing.

Basic Doctrine Statements are very important to the thinking believer because the statement gives us the up-front basic beliefs of that ministry. We must know the very basics of a Christian ministries belief and teaching foundation in order to make a general discernment as to its Biblical understanding and proclamation. We must know if their ministry is based upon the Bible or writings of mere human opinions called dogma.

Doctrine statements can be short or lengthy depending on the organization's openness to the public. Some groups do not mention doctrine statements at all because of their lack of knowledge of the subjects referenced in the statement. It does require deep study and rightly dividing the word of God for its correct and best interpretation. 2 Timothy 2:15

Yet other groups withhold basic written beliefs in order to avoid intelligent discussion on the subjects. Still other groups avoid publicly listing their basic beliefs because they are purposely trying to deceive the public. Some are a religious cult of some kind. Saying they are Christian yet do not adhere to the basic's of what Jesus Christ taught nor his Apostles taught. There are many religious cults in today's world saying they are some type of Christian  ministry organization when in fact they are nowhere near the historic New Testament Biblical definitions of a Christian church or ministry.

We discover that there where several brief doctrine statements given from the early centuries of the Christian church. These are the very basic beliefs agreed upon by ordained minister's during their respective time of life in church history. Each listed creed has its value and emphasis. Some of these creeds have been verbally spoken and repeated by millions of Christian believers over the centuries.

We will list these Church Creeds. Thereafter, we will give the only Biblically listed creed written in the New Testament that was given to the church by the Lord Jesus through his Apostle Paul in Hebrews 6:1-2. We can compare and contrast the differences of the creeds in order to have the best understanding of God's word in the Bible.

In doing so, we will have the best understanding of what the Lord would have his people know concerning the basics of biblical knowledge. Also, we will not come up short in basic Biblical literacy.  Furthermore, we will not be hindered in basic Christian growth or worst, be destroyed somehow by our spiritual enemy for the lack of Biblical knowledge. Hosea 4:6a

Creeds to be listed shortly...