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Strongs Concordance with Greek and Hebrew Lexicon:

Type: "Strongs Concordance" in your search engine then will

come up as an option. This is the site that will get you into Strongs Concordance.


Bring this Concordance up on-line for subject study, text and word search. Including Greek and Hebrew parsing helps. For deeper textual studying, you will need other Greek and Hebrew language study books on the market, on line Greek and Hebrew schools and in theological library's. " Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that neediest not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15




Recommended Biblical/Divinity schools for certificates and degrees of all academic levels.

Note from experience: You should know the Biblical doctrine basics of scripture before attending any school.

So, study before attending formal education. The study of God's Word is a life style not a hobbie. Attending church regularly to worship the Lord is a-must for your personal growth in knowing God.





Christ for the Nations

Regent Divinity School

(Recommend: The Certificate of Graduate Studies: Divinity/Theology  You can do the Greek/Hebrew language studies of 12 credits each for two Certificates.

Lee University (Pastoral degrees)


Biblical Hebrew online studies:

Basic Biblical Hebrew Courses:

with Dr. Miles Van Pelt and Dr.Gary D. Pratico

(I studied Hebrew, 4 courses 12 credits in Graduate Divinity School using these instruction books.)


(After Grad school,I took one course online with

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies


( I took Biblical Greek language studies while at Bible College in the 1980's.

today, it is rare for a Bible college to offer 4 courses for 12 credits of Greek.)

We used Dr. Gresham Machen books from Westminster Theological Seminary, New Testament Greek for Beginners. Books available in online book stores.


Also, you can go to:

Online Biblical Greek language studies:

Four courses minium for each language will get you started in serious deep Biblical exegesis. This is the goal of Biblical language study. The real test of language study is using these skills for the rest of your life. I testify that this will greatly help your biblical studies like no-other skills can except God's anointing and The Lord Jesus opening up your understanding to the texts. Jesus said this to the first disciples in Luke 24: 44-45. Remember, the first disciples knew the biblical languages.



Churches that I'm personally familiar with and have online live streaming each Sunday plus archives of past services are worth watching around the world.

Note: These congregations and pastors do not necessarily endorse everything on my web site.

However, I have attended and did or currently hold membership with these congregations and found their worship, teaching and preaching are good.

I recommend these local churches to my readers.

Stop in when your in the neighborhood or listen on line with live streaming or archive listening.


Each local church has its own style of music to worship the Lord. God uses it all for his glory. Each one has its own style of preaching and teaching but all centered in Christ and the word of God.

I have attended or been a member of each of this congregations. All our Pentecostal and word centered ministries. These are only some of the congregations that I have been to or with over the years.


1995 Campmeeting COG in Western North Carolina



Reamstown Church of God

Pastor Arthur Karick forty years of preaching has a lot of word texts in all of his messages. You can learn from his expositions of the texts. 


Central Church of God

Pastor Loran Livingston impassioned preaching will most likely edify and encourage your life to move forward with the Lord.


Dallas Church of God

Pastor Danny Shortridge for some old fashion southern Pentecostal worship and holiness preaching. We still  need this today!


South Gastonia Church of God

Pastor Bobby Gilley was a former Greek professor of mine back in Bible College in 1987-88.


Times Square Church

When going to NYC, I often visit Times Square Church who David Wilkerson founded. Since Wilkerson's passing several years ago, Pastor Carter Conlon is his successor and does a great job. The choir music will touch your heart.




See best estimates on world/country populations including: birth and deaths rates, age percentages, populations of largest countries and languages,population maps of each country, religion percentages, historical data and other subjects.

Jesus said to his church that greater works will be done in his name and this includes the quantity of the works. 

These ongoing data banks will show the best educated guess on birth and death rates plus overall population of the world and each country.    




SEE SIGNS (distinguishing mark,evidence, proof) AND WONDERS (marvelous, extraordinary) THAT GOD CREATED IN THE HEAVENS AND STILL BEING CREATED.




"And great earthquakes shall be in many places and famines and pestilences and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven" Luke 21:11

"And there shall be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring" Luke 21:25

"And I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath, blood and fire and vapor of smoke.

The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before that great and notable day of the Lord come

And it shall come to pass, whosever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Acts 2:19-21, Peter quoted Joel 2:30-32a

What's up in the Heavens as signs from God given before the Lord's return!

All sites are good but view and study all.


Signs in the Earth appearing to this generation.

Since, Israel became a nation over night in 1948 as Old Testament prophets prophesied,

many more signs have been seen upon the Earth.

When we study Matthew 24-25 and other texts in New/Old Testaments

many signs have been spoken and are being given by God to this generation.

"Repent for the Kingdom of Haven is at Hand."

God is letting all people know of his Son soon return for his Church.


Interactive map of active Volcanoes and recent Earthquakes world-wide:





The seven years of Revelation judgments:

Ezekiel 38-39, Daniels 9 and other texts, 2 Thessalonians, the Gospels and Revelation texts about the Anti-Christ will be here soon enough! We are in the season before the Lord's return for his Church and Judgement on world begins.

The Anti-Christ with those Ten then later Eight nations of the Revived Roman Empire that he will lead, will sign the seven year peace treaty with Israel. (Keep your eyes on Israel! )Then the seven years of Revelation Judgment by God upon this world will start. God does this in order to get mankind to repent of their sins and turn to Christ Jesus his Son as Savior for forgiveness. Many will refuse and reject Jesus. How sad! They will not have a Savior. So, God will need to send these unsaved people into Hades and Judged by Christ for their placement into Gehenna.  

The question for everyone: Do you know the Lord, Does the Lord know you?

Are you Born Again and remaining faithful to the Lord everyday?

More links showing some signs ON and IN the EARTH.



Go to Ron Wyatt (deceased) web site for his archeological research, he did over his lifetime.

He has done a great work in showing his on site video's on: Mount Sinai, Red Sea crossing, Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark and other very important work. He was one of the first leaders in Biblical archeological research who the Lord used to help the church and world know about these fantastic subjects. Maybe, someone will come to Christ when viewing these video's.

Important note: God uses certain selected people to emphasize biblical points of truth even though faults can be found in surrounding circumstances such as membership in organization associations that have other things that can detract our thinking from the main points being made. Ignore surrounding circumstances and get to the truth on any matter.  

 This is the problem of those who are sidetracked by errors of different denominations and who use those errors to totally block out of their minds any truth contained within those same denominations, associations or groups. Do not let yourself be sidetracked by error to the point where you block yourself off from truth or what is right. The saying "eat the meat but spit out the bones" applies to us when hearing, seeking, studying or searching for God's truth anywhere.

This is why we "study to show ourselves approved of God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth"   2 Timothy 2:1.

People are not flawlessly perfect but God is flawlessly perfect who uses imperfect people that he is transforming into the image of his only begotten Son Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

This truth applies to each and every human being that ever walked upon this earth. God uses imperfect forgiven people to tell imperfect people about the perfect Son of God who can make everyone whole in salvation, so we can get to the only One flawless perfect God who created us all.



Watch/listen to the videos on the web about Ron Wyatt findings on:

 1.The Blood of Jesus DNA found on top of the Ark of the Covenant

 2. Ron's last audio interview before his passing on: the 10 commandant tablets he found inside

    the Ark of the Covenant beneath the Cross, the Sabbath Day command and the Mark of the Beast.



2. The Exodus Revealed, Search for the Red Sea Crossing, video and utube

produced and distributed by Questar, Inc.

( I have copy of the VCR purchased in 2008. This is an excellent proof video of Israel Red Sea Crossing. I was in the US Navy back in the 1970's and my ship steamed up and down the Red Sea where Moses and Israel crossed in about 1400BC.)

Utube viewing of this video is easy by typing "The Exodus Revealed" in your search engine.

The utube video is longer than the video with some added film footage but some film footage has been edited out. You have to have both to see why but you have to look closely at the differences. It is worth it to see those differences.


More coming!



                                                                     AMERICAN HISTORY HELPS

I have been receiving the "American Minute" by William (Bill) Federer for several years.

His historical research into American History has been a source of knowledge that few have time to dig deep into studying the historical records and books in the libraries. I had studied American Christian History foundings and founders while in college but the "American Minute" newsletter source is an overview of many related subjects that gets right to the point.

I recommend subscribing to his web site and emails for the latest information on American History which is filled with Christian substance and influence into the unique American story.  The only nation in the world founded upon Judeo/Christian principles other than Israel.







Current USA freedoms, liberty and Christian legal issues that are defended in the courts by the ACLJ. The American Center for Law and Justice is one excellent source for this ongoing Information. Especially defending the rights of Constitutional American Christian Citizens that comes under attack.

Also, copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be able to be obtained through the ACLJ.

Called "Foundations of Freedom" ACLJ  Washington. D.C. 757-226-2489


Interested in keeping your eyes on Jerusalem and Israel?

This may help you "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem"... Psalms 122:6

I recommend, "The Times of Israel" online emailed newsletter as one primary source of information for the concerned Christian who want's to know, what is going on in Israel.

Keeping our eyes on Jerusalem and Israel is key to understanding end time prophecy!

This started in 1948 when God supernaturally began to bring his ancient Old Testament covenanted people back into their promised land as given to Abraham, Issac and Jacob then through Moses and Joshua. Scripture texts tells us in clear prophecy foretelling these events. God fulfilling them in the 20th and now 21st century. Therefore, to help us watch what is going on in Jerusalem and Israel, it would be wise to read the newspapers available on-line from Israel, I do!

The Times of Israel:

The Jerusalem Post:

Western Wall camera's etc: 



I was born after WW2 in the early 1950's called the USA boomer generation. My father served in the US Navy in the Pacific theater. About 76 million of us where born during those years 1946-1964. I grew up in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania suburbs as a teenager in the 1960's. My parents attended and took the family to the local Evangelical church. It was their that I gave my heart to Jesus Christ in 1961. 

This decade was a time of political upheaval with the John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King assanation, civil rights marches, threats of nuclear war, drugs sweeping the country, free love, hippie movement, rock and roll music, the Woodstock Music festival of 1969 and the Vietnam War. I made it through High School, hitchhiked around the country then instead of being drafted into war, I enlisted into the US Navy for six years. My military orders did not include going to Nam and only God could pull that one off. 

The below documentary was filmed during the 1960's but only recently uploaded to Utube. This interesting short documentary was filming college age youth rebellion and their fears during the Vietnam War. The threat of draft did not start until 1970-73.

This link to this documentary by Ken Anderson contains a strong Christian message. I think it is very timely for our times now in the world. Please be patient to watch the whole documentary. It takes some time to get to the Christian evangelism/witnessing message that Ken is making. The film was uploaded by David Hoffman who found the stored away film documentary only recently.

Entitled:"1968 was a Very Very Tense Year in America"  Uploaded by David Hoffman

to utube March 28, 2020

If there are problems with the link then type the title to search utube for documentary video.



                                                                   EARLY CHRISTIAN WRITINGS

For several years, I have read early church preachers/teachers/theologians written works during

their Christian lifetimes. The earliest church history information can be obtained from these writers

that God motivated to write to the generations coming after them. Now in the 21 century, we in church

of God have access to these writers like no other generation.

We can learn from their real life experiences in following Christ during those first 300 some years.

Some, centuries where worse than others regarding persecution of the church by

political dictators and unbelieving mobs in the cites.


I think, you will gain advice and wisdom from those who have gone before us during those centuries.       God has used these men and woman to encourage the church throughout all centuries. Church History is very important to us. It should not be ignored or disregarded as non essential learning because it is the very opposite.

You will learn and grow in you personal Christian life in today's world when understanding what many others have gone through before us to keep the faith and endure hard times to glorify Christ. They kept their own commitment to the Lord Jesus: over-came hearsy, underwent hard persecution and witnessed faithfully unto death.

There is much to read, so I would suggest that you pick your authors carefully in order to make good use of your time. Personally, I would avoid the Apocrypha because  one should know biblical theology very well before diving into some of the confusion contained in the Apocrypha which is often rightly considered non-inspired but has some interesting points to consider. Only the Biblically literate and doctrinally informed Christian should take on the letters in the Apocrypha. 

I recommend those that I have read: I Clement, Papias, Ignatius, Polycarp, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Acts of Pilate, Melito of Sardis, Hegesippus, Marcus Aurelius, Diatessaron, Irenaeus of Lyons, Theophilus of Caesarea, Theophilus of Antioch, Apollonius, Hippolytus,Tertullian,Origen,Pamphilus of Caesarea, Eusebius of Caesarea,



Also, books of great Church History learning written by Eusebius 325AD, is of great value.

Eusebius: The Ecclesiastical History Volumes 1 & 2 are more than worth your time.

Translated into English by Kirsopp Lake;

Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, London England 1926; 1998

Loeb Classical Library

(The Nicea Creed details of 325AD and lot more clergy details are contained in these books.

One must be aware of the Catholic Clerical Church power grab with inserting words

into the texts in order to self justify their clergy system. This can seen at times in these books.

Ignoring them will help you to not be sucked into their form of religious system on how to do church.)

You'll will need to purchase these books but it is worth the cost.

Also, The Apostolic Fathers vol 2, The Loeb Classical Library, Harvard Univ Press (c) 2003











Additional interesting sites endorsed:    Bruce Davis president

For chess players and who desire to learn.