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U.S History

U.S. History … A Christian Perspective

God's reasons for founding this unique nation is seen in its founding peoples, government structure, freedoms and churches.

What has been the bases of economic prosperity to this land is nothing less than Divine grace to those who worship God through his only begotten Son. The overflow of this grace was embraced by all others in this land who did not worship God yet had the benefits.

 Earthly benefits are temporary for a lifetime at most but will not be transferable into eternity. Those who know and live for God and his Son's purposes are given eternity to live forever with him. This is the ultimate abundant grace given to America because of its founding people and succeeding generations dedication to God through his Son, Jesus Christ.
U.S.A. History will be seen through this perspective with verifying proofs of this truth.

Detailed Information with references will be added to this page in time.